Monday, August 31, 2009

Hearing Aids

Ellie got her hearing aids today! At her appointment, the audiologist (Jillian) thought that she saw Ellie respond to her voice at 45 decibels. Jillian didn't turn the aids up all the way because it would be too much for her little ears. They told us to keep her hearing aids on for only a total of 1-2 hours today so that she can ease into it. When she had the hearing aids on, we were watching her really closely...trying to see if we could get a reaction. We got a couple reactions when we were talking pretty loud! :) One time, I hid behind the door and said "Ellie" really loud while Joe held her...he said she right away looked at the door! Fun. :)

Now the battle will be to get her to keep them on...we got some toupee tape from the beauty store to help keep them in place. I also ordered a hat that the audiologist recommended to help keep them on--it will hold them in place, but the material allows the sound to still reach the microphone on the hearing aid.

We have a check-up in 3 weeks to have her hearing aids adjusted--hopefully turned up a little bit more! All in all, it was a fun day to be able to see Ellie react to some of the noises we make. :)

side view--bright pink with clear sparkly inside her ear

I think she likes them! :)


  1. Oh, how exciting. They are so cute. I hope the adjustment goes well.