Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ellie's 1st day of School

Ellie had her first day of school on Monday! Don't worry, she's a straight-A student so far. :) Actually, all she had to do was play. Her teacher, Kelly, will take the first couple of sessions to just get to know us. Her sessions will be for 2 hours every Monday morning. Kelly took a turkey caller along with her and we discovered that Ellie can hear that! We got her busy playing with something and then would do the turkey caller and she (usually) would look around to see where the noise was coming from. Yay!

On Wednesday, we went to HearUSA for a check-up visit. They turned her hearing aids up a little bit more, but didn't do any kind of hearing assessment so we are not exactly sure how much she can hear yet. We keep trying to test out her hearing by talking loudly behind her, but we haven't seen any huge reactions yet. When we think we do see a reaction, it's usually because of something that she caught out of the corner of her eye.

The picture above is of Ellie wearing one of the Hanna Andersson hats we use to cover her hearing aids. They are supposed to keep her from pulling off her hearing aids, although she has perfected the art of taking her hat off and ripping out her hearing aids--all while I'm driving in the car!

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  1. she is so so so cute! can't wait to squeeze her in december!!!