Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another great hearing test!

We did another hearing test with Ellie--this time at Shawnee Park, with Jack and Kelly.  Last time, Ellie was kind of scared to be in the booth, so we were hoping that today would be a better experience.  We discovered that she is scared when we shut the door, so we kept the door open.  It also was kind of dark in there, so we brought a lamp in for more light.  High maintenance little girl!  :)  When we were finally settled, Jack tested the different levels and frequencies.  They seemed to be about the same as what we found at Spectrum Audiology with Darcy.  There was even one time when Kelly and I barely heard the sound, but Ellie looked up, letting us know that she heard it! 

We are having fun with Ellie and figuring out that she is learning pretty fast!  When we say that we're going to go "bye-bye," she starts walking to the door.  And some of the time (not always), when we ask her where her belly button is, she lifts up her shirt and shows us!  :)  She says "ma-ma-ma-ma-ma" a lot, and we are starting to randomly hear other sounds, like "ba".   This afternoon, while Ellie was napping, I was taking some laundry upstairs to fold.  I set the basket on the floor--actually, kind of dropped it on the floor without thinking...5 seconds later, Ellie was up from her nap because she felt the vibration all the way in her bedroom!  It still amazes me that she is so sensitive to that while she is sleeping! 

Here are some pictures of our beautiful day today!  Ellie never likes to look at the camera, so they are kind of random, but cute nonetheless.  :)

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