Saturday, July 17, 2010

Life is Good!

I realize that I haven't posted in awhile...just busy with life and summer!  We've had a great summer so far.  Ellie continues to thrive with her cochlear implants!  I always try to get her doing new things on video, but she never seems to cooperate.  :)  She is saying "Hi" all the time!  This week she learned where her nose is...I ask her "Where is Ellie's nose?" and she points to it.  Also, whenever one of her "ears" falls off, she says "uh-oh".  :) I guess that's the newest for now.

Here is a video of her--in the beginning I am trying to get her to flap her arms up and down like a duck when I say "Quack, Quack."  She kind of does it with one arm as she is walking away from me.  Then, you will hear her saying "Hi." The last trick I was able to catch on video is her showing me "how big is Ellie."  You will see that she is a very busy girl--she will not stop for ANYTHING!  Go to youtube to see is the site:
                                               Here are some pictures from our summer times!

                                              Ellie and her cousins at the strawberry patch.

                                              Swinging at Young State Park

                                            Ellie's favorite thing to do while camping was pushing her stroller.

                                       Not sure why...but this was Ellie's favorite pose on the beach.
                                               SO excited!!

                                           Surfer Girl!

                                                          Family Pic

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