Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Good Results

We had Ellie's MRI and BAER tests today. The worst part of the day was watching as they had to put an IV into Ellie's little arm. :( She screamed like crazy! She kept watching the nurse that had done it to her...every time she saw her come in again, she would start to cry.

We will have to wait to get the results from the MRI...I am not expecting anything surprising, although I have learned not to rule anything out at this point. :)

I felt kind of weird going into the BAER test. I was just hoping and praying this time around for the result to remain the same (showing profound hearing loss.) At this point, if the BAER showed improving results, we would have to wait to do the cochlear implants...which would delay Ellie's speech/language development. The results were indeed the same as back in June...the audiologist was not able to pick up any sign that Ellie's brain was receiving the sound--profound hearing loss. So I will wait to hear from Dr. Daniels, but I am pretty sure we will keep the scheduled cochlear implants for Feb. 10.

Poor Ellie was so clumsy for the rest of the day. As she was waking up from the sedation, she would open up her eyes, but couldn't control her head--it was just very flopsy. When we got home, she would be sitting up playing and then fall right over. This is pretty typical for her at night (to be clumsy), but it was just very extreme all day long. Hopefully she'll have her balance back tomorrow!

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