Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Ellie has been having some major drainage issues with her ears lately. A couple of weeks ago, her right ear was draining like crazy, so we used the ear drops for 5 days. It is just now starting to dry up. But last week, her left ear started draining. We used the drops in that ear for 5 days, but it is continuing to drain. I'm starting to get a little worried with her surgery date coming up quickly. This is normal for her ears to be draining....afterall, that's what the tubes were put in for. However, I don't know if Dr. Daniels will be able to do the implants if her left ear continues to be draining. He has been on vacation, but gets back tomorrow...I'm sure he won't be able to miss the MANY notes about the times I have called while he was out. :) I'll be sure to post as soon as I hear back from him!

On a lighter note, Ellie said her first word yesterday! It was "boo." She is obsessed with peek-a-boo, and lately she has started to lip-read the word "boo." Whenever we say it to her, she covers her eyes and plays peek-a-boo. (No, we are not teaching her to read lips...that is not in line with the Auditory-Oral approach that we have chosen to go with. She picked this up on her own--after she would put her hands over her eyes, she would uncover them and see me say "Boo.") We just noticed this past weekend that she understood the word "boo," but last night she actually formed the word with her mouth and said "boo" twice in a row. I never actually saw it because I was teaching piano lessons, but Joe described it to me in detail...he was quite the proud daddy. :)


  1. Congrats on her first word!! How cute :)

  2. Yaay Ellie! That's too sweet. Congrats!