Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hearing Test

Ellie had her hearing test yesterday. She showed reactions starting around 35 dB, which would be like normal talking volume. Yay! It was kind of a difficult hearing test for us to get through because she kept on having meltdowns...I'm not sure why...we thought maybe she didn't like Jack's voice coming through the speaker, but at the same time, she didn't always react negatively to his voice. But we will do another one for sure before school gets out for the summer! I'm very happy with these results!

I'm not sure if I explained this before, but when we go to the audiologist for reprogramming Ellie's processor, she sets 3 different programs with program 1 being the softest. We had the processors reprogrammed last week Wednesday, but we haven't been able to get past program 1. Every time I try to turn it up a little bit, Ellie starts to get fussy and clingy to me. So I guess we will take it very slowly! :) We definitely don't want to scare her!

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  1. It is so wonderful that she is hearing so well! Thank God for technology, huh?