Saturday, April 17, 2010


I have been trying to get a reaction out of Ellie to the sound, "shhhh." Tonight, while she was playing very quietly at her kitchen, I said "shhh" behind her back and she jumped a mile!! She was all excited and came running to me. :) The other day, we were playing outside and she started to walk down the driveway (away from me.) I said, "Ellie," and she turned around and came back! It's so convenient that I can just say her name instead of running down the driveway to get her. :) So we definitely can tell that she is hearing quite a bit. Even though she doesn't always pay attention to us, at least we know that she is hearing us. This Wednesday, we are going to Shawnee Park to have a hearing will be interesting to see what she is actually able to hear!

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