Monday, March 15, 2010

Back to "Normal"

I titled this "Back to 'Normal'" because Ellie really is back to her own happy self! But "normal" is not so normal because she has been living at my parents' house more than our house. Not that she minds...I'm sure they're pretty accommodating to her. :) She slept at home last night, but I took her back to my mom's this morning so that I could go back to the hospital to be with Joe. She is actually getting pretty steady on her feet...I don't freak out about her knocking her head on something now every time she tries to walk.

It's so good to see her happy and laughing and winking. She likes to play a new game of peek-a-boo where she goes behind my back and peeks around to see my face. She thinks it is so hilarious! It's so cute how she makes up her own little games. :)


  1. That winking thing cracks me up!! Glad to hear she is feeling better. Praying for the three of you.