Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Ellie

I got my Ellie back today! She has been at her Opa and Oma's house (my parents') since Monday! (So that I could be with Joe at the hospital.) Her reaction when she saw me was priceless. She was still in her car seat, and I peeked my head out of our house. When she saw me, her jaw dropped and she shook with excitement. :) She does this thing that when she is so excited, she tenses up and shakes really cute!

It was so fun to have her back. We played for awhile, she had a snack, and went to bed. I love routine. :) Now we just need Joe to come home and we'll be one big happy family!

1 comment:

  1. WELCOME BACK, ELLIE! That is so sweet. It reminds me of my nephew when he was little. He would shiver and squirm when he was excited. SO cute! Hope things get back to "normal" as soon as possible!