Friday, March 12, 2010

A Great Day for Ellie

This picture says it has definitely been a good day for Ellie. She has been very happy for the most part. She's not eating a whole lot yet, but more than yesterday. We kept her bandage on because we felt it was maybe safer to keep it for one more day. (I'm also kind of dreading seeing the incision/stitches/shaved hair.)

Last night we had to switch her pain medication because she was so itchy. She tore her stomach apart! There were scratches all over. :( So Dr. Daniels gave us another prescription which has been working well.


  1. Julie, I don't know if it will help at all, but when Kyler had exczema and molescum this past Nov.-Jan. we took him to the dermatologist and she recommended using a cream called Vanicream (Found at Walgreens) and it has literally been our LIFESAVER!!! We once nearly ran out of it and went to 6 different Walgreens looking for it...basically it has emollients (?) which are mosturizers for the body and with dry skin, it really soaks those emollients in and helps heal the dry skin. Not sure if that is at all the problem, but we sure LOVE it and now have 3 extras on hand in case they run out at Walgreens again! I'm so glad to see Ellie smiling and playing! Praise the LORD!

  2. So thankful Ellie's surgery went so well.She is so precious! Will pray healing and recovery continues and for good days and nights for all of you. Judy Hopkins